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Suara hati yang tak terluah
written by //Que at 21 Jan 2017 & got 0 Comments

210117; 09:36am,


Umi just called me just now, asking for my condition, either im doing good or not. I was fine at first, but at the end of the call, I cried.

Aku taktahu la either aku sorang je ke macam ni or theres someone else yg akan selalu rasa sebak bila cakap dengan ibu masing masing. Aku rindu sebenarnya, tipulah kalau tak kan. Anak mana yg tak pernah rindukan ibu bapa dia. Nak nak lagi yg stay jauh dr parents. Im one of the type; yang rindu tapi tak kuat utk call parents utk tanya khabar, sebab nanti sebak gila. Sebak lain macam. and Im one of the type yg bukan membesar dengan rasa kasih sayang directly to my family. I mean, not like other families, yg sportingly can peluk kiss parents and siblings lainn. I do have some gaps within it.

Bila dengar kawan cerita pasal dia rindu nak peluk cium ibu dia, how excited she is when it comes to give some tight hugs to her mother, while me,  at my lowest point being so freaking jealous. Im not saying I never give some hugs and kisses to my mom, I did. Just only bila parents hantar balik kolej, masa hari raya.. See? How rarely I am giving the kasih sayang to my family. I do love but seldomly show. It just bcs of the gaps. and awkwardness.

Umi abii, if u read this one day, I love you from the bottom of my heart, I really do.

210117; 09:55am.