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Officially A Fan of Coldplay
written by //Que at 19 May 2016 & got 0 Comments

190516; 10:40pm.

190516-- officially a fan of Coldplay.
I've been listening to Coldplay since I was in form 4 (2014), randomly listened to The Scientist, Fix You, Viva la Vida and ofc A Sky Full of Stars.


Masa aku form 4 tu takdelah aku minat sangat pun, just dengar gitu gitu jela. Jenis aku, kalau minat something, tak minat lebih lebih, biasa biasa je. Takdela kalau tak hadap benda tu sehari, takleh hidup. Takdenya. Macam lately, aku suka dengar lagu Shawn Mendes (I also like Shawn though) pasai soghe dia sedap namampus. sumpah. First aku dengar lagu Life of the Party then Imagination then terus jatuh cinta dengan suara dia. pastu aku pun belek, dengar, download, dengar lagu lagu dia again and again sampai bosan. semua best, inspired songs (mungkin sebab masatu kene dengan situasi aku huhu)

Coldplay ni pun sama, aku dah layan lama dah lagu lagu diorang. Tapi the latest songs which are Hymn for the Weekend dengan Up&Up sumpahhhhhh best gilerrrrrrr! A big thumb ups aku bagi. Tatau lah nak cakap best dia tu macam mana. I personally like those lyrics, I like their official video, like the way they sent the messages  is so beautiful. I recommend uguyss to check them out bcs I personally like their songs. Tataulah korang en. hahahaha pasai itu hari aku suruh kawan aku dengar one of Coldplay songs--

"weh kau dengar lagu fix you by coldplay. sumpah best. tak tipu. kau kena dengar jugak" tudia punya gigih aku suruh dia dengar but he ended up says--

"pening aku dengar lagu fix you" hahahahaha bongok punya kawan. since that day aku tak tegur dah dia (tipu je)

but well yeah, coldplay sounds nice to me. and today, I've been stalking this british band for hours. sebab aku puasa harini so takleh makan (nampak sangat kat rumah selalu makan), aku makan lah masa masa aku dengan godek godek internet pasal coldplay ni. Chris Martin who leads this band (also the songwriter) was OMAIGOD i could tell he is soooooo sweet and cute in carpool karaoke with James (search for it in utube hoho // also in the other Coldplay's interview videos) sebab he exactly smiles like every freaking time! what a peaceful and lovable man. and I didnt know Chris was so damn funny bcs it goes me like "Is it just me or is Chris adorable?" haha lol. tapi srs la im in love everytime he smiles. mungkin sebab ada dimple kat pipi kot hoho. and the other members were Guy Berryman (his name is funny though, like u pronounce it yourself :p), Will Champion and Jonny Buckland. these guys are rock 

btw dont get me wrong if I like these guys based on their appearance only, I mean look at their personality?

190516; 10:59pm