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Matrik, Form 6, UPU
written by //Que at 16 May 2016 & got 0 Comments

160516; 11:03am.

Hey we meet again. this is my second entry for today. lol.

I didnt get time to write/tell about afterschool kinda stuffs. So lets get started. About a month ago, the result of matrik and form 6 was announced. And yada yada I was nervous too. I was praying I didnt get a place for matrik bcs I dont want to, since I made science stream as my choice in matrik last year and yeahhhh syukur alhamdulillah tak dapat. for god sake, I dont want to study science daa. It sicks mann! It hurts my soul. lol over. em so my name was automatically in form six list.

Since matrik boleh semak around 12am, and form six at 12pm, so sis sabar menunggu detik tiktoktiktok. 12pm-- line sesak dohh. dengan berkat kesabaran around satu lebih macam tulah baru dapat tahu dapat form six. dekat mana and course apa.

Jeng jeng jengggggg. Mari berhuhu berjemaah since I (still) got the same stream. ye-ahh. serve u right, syahirah. and di mana? SMK Buyong Adil, Tapah. luls I didnt expect this. kepada Adam, if u read this, maybe we are meant to be. HAHAHAHAHAHA kk but aku masih mereput di rumah di saat rakan rakan seperjuangan yg lain pergi orientation week on the next week after the result was announced since abi asked me to not enroll for form six yet. the excuse was lets just wait for another couple of days untill the upu result will announce.

but too sad that the announcement for upu result was extended for a week. and guess who will be tengkorak mereput lagi? yeah you right. its me dude. sabar dan tabahnya seorang syahirah. eh btw, for ipg. the result had released though. and thank god syukur Alhamdulillah for showing the right way for me that being a teacher wasnt my real passion.

back to the story, today is 16th of May and yeahhh! today is the day. psst, the upu result guys. last night a friend of mine gave me a link to check the result eventhough the official time is 12pm on the next day. depa cakap check secara haram dohh. hahahaha at first i was so excited to check it out. but then a tweet pop-out from Lukman saying..

so yeah, I didnt open the illegal link and wait for official announcement. aku tak tido malam kot, pukul 4 pagi baru tido. woke up at six and a thing to be proud of, aku tak sambung tido. fuhh tido dua jam je? lol

tapi seorang syafiqah yang baik hati dan mendengar kata tidak kekal lama, just now Id check the upu result through that another illegal website and laugh at me bcs I didnt get a place for ipta :')))

unbelievable. padan muka. serve u right.

11:34am-- but still, Im still waiting for the official announcement. It just another 30 minutes left, lepas tu baru boleh terima hakikat sebenar. Mari menunggu dengan penuh kesabaran. Doakan yang terbaik buat saya *wink wink*

*ticktock ticktock* *will be continue this soon.*