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Beautiful Dream
written by //Que at 16 May 2016 & got 0 Comments

160516; 02:03am,

Well, tonight is another late night to spend a late night conversation with, but I have nobody to talk to. sedlef.

Btw, I had a beautiful dream last night. And I hope it will become true someday. Having someone special in our heart is normal. Liking someone without telling them is normal. Stalking someone just want to check them out everyday is also normal.

Venue: College, idk where is it. Dont ask.
Time: at around 11pm. I guess?

In my dream last night, I was walking alone, arrange my steps go straight to the court. I was laying there, doing my always-be-fav-thing-to-do which is star gazing. It was a beautiful view till it made me wishing to have someone laying next to me but i was pretty lonely. There was someone who kept lingering in my mind. and I couldnt stop my mind from thinking of him. (I dont have any idea who is he though) While I enjoyed the relaxing view. then

"Krekk" it sounds like pintu pagar court terbukak.

A guy. Another blurry face guy. Idk him. and who is he. also idk.

but in that dream, he curved a smile on his face and asked me to follow him. aku bendul degil mak pesan jangan ikut stranger taknak dengar. ketegaq. lol I did follow him, and he brought me to the most beautiful place Ive ever gone before. lol indah sebab ada dia je kot. we just sat on the big rock tepi bukit but the sky was idk how to describe it. its more beautiful than you. we didnt talk too much untill theres a familiar guy (who had a crush on me lol) came entah dari mana. with two other girls. so we guys talked about random things for awhile but that blurry face guy kept his silence. and I had a feeling he wanted to tell me something big but he didnt have courage to do so. a couple of minutes then, he walked away. I just stare him dari jauh.

I once got into this situation in my real life though, theres someone I knew, a guy obviously. he was in his crowd and so do I. he kept staring at me and I did the same thing. I was waiting for him to come over me and have some conversations or even, at least say hi. but he was such a coward. when one of his friends came over me and tegur he slowly walked approaching us, and damn I was a lil coward too for avoiding his eyes. i dont want to make eyes contact with him, lol. so at the end of the night, we didnt tegur each other.

back to the dream, that one thing I will remember about my blurry face guy is, his smile.

his very sweet smile.

It might sound impossible but Hi blurry face guy, I hope we will meet someday.


160516; 03:02am.

ps: I took about an hour to finish this entry bcs I wasted my time watching youtube at this hour. why spending time on youtube instead of you? bcs Im pretty, lonely. lol