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New Hair Cut. Ulala!
written by //Que at 31 Jan 2017 & got 0 Comments

310117; 8:40pm

Salam alaik. so today is the last day of Jan 2017 and I still have 4days left until my midsem break ends-- which is MidSem Break Day 5.

Since aku pishang gila kat kampung, I asked my brotha to be my hair stylist. andddddddd it ended up disasterly ohsem! hahahaha idk why I love my hair to be short. maybe it makes me look ohsem and hensem in the mean time HAHA LOL. I used to have long hair when I was kid back then, but after I grew older (not so old since older sounds sooo freaking old to me lol kbye) I just realized, having a short hair suits me well.

for some reason;
1) kalau rambut basah cepat kering
2) takde amik masa lama sangat nak siap gi class
3) jimat shampoo conditioner minyak rambut etc
4) jimat duit ofcozz
5) sebab i will look extreamely hensem mcm miley cyrus hahahaha lol
6) em apa lagi ek... oh yessss no need to be worried about rambut gugur
7) bilik tak serabut dengan rambut yg gugur kat lantai
8) kalau malam malam tengah tido takyah risau ada hantu kat sebelah main rambut hahahahahaha k ni paling takleh blah
9) swag

hahahahahaha ok tu jela nak bebelnyaaa pun.